Is ISIS Playing by our Rule Book?

The War on Terror is a War on Ideology. You cannot kill an idea, and nor should you try to. You can only hope to sway it. As part of the Anonymous Collective, I know this first hand.

With that thought in mind, have we lost the War already? We as in everyone against terrorism – pretty much the entire world. By using the word ‘we,’ refusal to submit to segregation is the frontline of the battle, for it is the segregation that terrorists want; divide and conquer – it’s much easier that way.

Trump is playing into the hands of ISIS – he’s their puppet. So too are others who perpetuate walls for borders, sweeping generalizations over those who practice religion, racism and hatred. But it isn’t just Trump. It’s who dares to say: us versus them without describing who they are. It is the political leaders who so quickly point their fingers at Belgium for lax borders, and those who say nothing at all – standing back as tighter reins are applied, segregation occurs on a domestic level, Big Brother eagerly stomps, awaiting its next innocent victim.

I must have misunderstood the mainstream media and double-speaking politicians who hold the proletariat in their elitist hands.

Why is it ISIS has had as many name changes as Kardashian has bum implants? The marketing strategy that the Mainstream Media have implemented is quite the remarkable achievement. Why is it the mainstream media refuses to use the accurate description Islamic Extremists on every occasion? If they did, would that not take the heat away from the Muslim communities – also suffering at the hands of these terrorists? Throw political correctness away for once, we must call these issues what they are.

Why is it East versus West, Christian versus Muslim? If it isn’t, my mistake. I must have misunderstood the mainstream media and double-speaking politicians who hold the proletariat in their elitist hands. I must be illiterate. War is Peace, is it not? That’s what they tell us.

When will the politicians become the people again?

Pigeon holing a person started this mess. Segregation started this mess. Politicians started this mess. Social class, religion, racism, ignorance and the ‘she’ll be right, mate,’ Australian colloquialism, started this mess. The misinterpretations of the American Constitution started this mess – everything and everyone who placed a person above another brother or sister, mother or father, started this bloody forsaken mess.

When will we wake up, stand up, and shout to the politicians that enough is enough? When will the politicians become the people again?  Everyone is now divided. Everyone has their line in the sand. Propaganda scares the masses, but the truth is far, far worse.

Now ISIS have played by ‘our’ rule book.

I’ll ask you once again. Have we already lost the War on Terror?