Wow. It’s been a crazy week. First the bans from Google because I researched my article on Kelvin Hughes Surveillance and possible Iran connections; then there were the Facebook bans of an article posted by my freelance offsiders. The article simply imply that not all Muslims are terrorists; but apparently it contradicted and undermined the TOS policy. Then there was the remote hacking on my computer – twice, more bans and even this site lost admin access again. All the buzz and excitement of playing a bit part in The Enemy of the State got me thinking about all this censorship.

It seems in this ever growing ‘1984’ era of ours, censorship is becoming the norm. George Orwell, whether he meant to or not, forecast some fairly appropriate happenings that seem to be rearing their ugly head as we type. Big Brother is here. (Wave at the laptop cam). The eagle has landed. (Switch off the Cortana in Windows 10).

Don’t believe me? There are plenty of examples that Greenwald gave in his recent articles on censorship this week. As he pointed out “mass surveillance crushes free expression and free thought.” The case remains that investigative journalists face retribution when writing about….da-da-dahhhh…the truth.

Is ‘truth’ a dirty word?

May the investigative journalist meet their maker in hell if they’re to report the contrary to government findings. Particularly western government findings. If you report that not all Muslims are terrorists, Facebook will ban you – if you have a good sized following of say 5.1 million people. I guess reporting the truth to dampen down hype, is frowned upon – unless you’re the government, or the military, or Murdoch and Fairfax media…Yes, the Devil shall be waiting, enshrined in a White House with a black picket fence and probably surrounded by his industrial military complex…but I digress.

The article in question did raise some hackles on western extremist backs, however…

“When America and other Western extremists are not taken to task for their military escapades in the Middle East, which has killed countless innocent civilians, why is an entire religion taken to task every time the inherently violent, radicalized terrorists hijack the religion to behave like America and the West?”

I can understand the anger…maybe, no, actually, I can’t. Maybe it was in this paragraph?

“Given the above statistics, you are more likely to be struck by lightning in your lifetime, than a Muslim is likely to commit a terrorist attack during that same time span. In fact, according to a study, more Americans were killed by a toddler in 2013 than by a “Muslim terrorist.”

Forget the statistics, which also stress that an average American is more likely to be killed by a TV set than by a misguided Muslim, have you ever heard about Buddhist terrorists or Jewish terrorists who have carried out hundreds of terror acts, killed innocent civilians and vandalized scores of mosques and churches? The chances are you may not have. But the fact is, terrorism is a problem, and it is plaguing all religions.”

All valid, if not amusing points…but worthy of censorship though? Worthy of Facebook bans? Worthy of anything but a quiet giggle and a nod of the head?

…The case remains that investigative journalists face retribution when writing about the truth…

As empty as my article is, devoid of any real content, I fear it may lead to another ban because of censorship accusations. That, and I’ve included the said banned article that Facebook banned because it was contrary to their good, wholesome right-winged approach (or leftist approach if you live in the EU). It is what it is – how it works. But Facebook, at the moment, is a f%^&!ng disgrace.

I really hope I am paranoid. If I’m just paranoid and fit for sectioning, then it means I’m safe and censorship doesn’t really exist. If I’m paranoid, my system never got hacked (yes I did), my sources for my articles never got compromised (which were never left on the computer) and my encrypted emails never read (I’m not that stupid to not take care of those); the bans never occurred (Facebook’s accidental slip of the key) and I’ll awake in the morning – not in 1984, but in 2016. (No, no I won’t.)

But then again, who am I kidding?