What is Anonymous?

Anonymous comprises of many factions across the world. The international citizen, a collective. There is no who with Anonymous. Everyone has their own role and that role is determined by the sovereignty of the individual and the collective of humanity.

I’ve included several clips to explain Anonymous. From general, to ops, to one of many media factions, Anonymous is everywhere. They are not terrorists, as such, other than against those who attempt to supress the citizen’s freedom and their voice. Inform yourself, draw your own conclusions, but please, do not let any politician or mainstream media organization sway your decision. It is yours alone to make.

If you want your voice heard, submit an article to one of the many media factions – there are plenty out there. If you want to join an op, there are several  you can join – just exercise cyber caution. Just remember: EVERYONE is Anonymous just by simply making that decision.

Anonymous just wants to expose the truth and protect the people – the 99%.

anonymousAnonymous: We Do Not Forgive. We Do Not Forget. Expect Us.

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