The Dystopian (whoops) Democratic Approach: Fake News

If you haven’t heard already, a campaign has been waged against Facebook and Google, finger pointing at them, blaming them for the failed election campaign in the States because of their ability to publish ‘fake news.’ Not only is the war waged, particularly against Zuckerberg for distribution of news, but all alt-media news sites.

As a response, Google kicked off the trend by targeting revenue sources of such ‘fake news’ sites, stating that it would ban websites who produce fake news content and benefit financially from it. Shortly after, Facebook followed in a similar way, saying they would not display ads that would mislead the public – to include fake news sites.

fake news

In other words, people, censorship has just grown into something a whole lot bigger than what Mr Orwell anticipated. 1984, it seems, is becoming a little less menacing compared to our 2016.

In recent weeks, the ‘fake news’ term has been pushed and bandied about by Mainstream Media, the Chinese government and the United States. Western corporate media has swallowed the pill whole (of course) and it has left the alt media industry not only livid, but head-spinning in the purist exorcist conjuring way that you can personally think of. Fake. News. C’mon, people, really? Are you seriously going to accept that global corporate elites will choose what you can now read? Are we really in Grade 3? Are you really a sheep?

It seems that anyone now attempting to debunk, go against the grain, view alternatively, question the status quo, raise theories, read between the lines, buck the system, or simply just think for themselves …is a harlot, scammer, saboteur, vandal, anarchist, right-winger, tin foil hat wearer, psycho-nutter, plotter, scum-of-the-earth gutter trash… fake.

Revolution is a dirty word, as is protest. Soon you’ll see words like ‘quell unrest’ and ‘mob mentality’ applicable to just a group of teenagers eating GMO-stuffed veggie burgers.

What do you do to your enemy when you want to bring them down? In the words of The Walking Dead’s Negan, “you shut that shit down,” naturally. You point the finger at the threat and you use your power to tear it down. And this is what the Mainstream-corporate-run media are doing. Shutting us up and tearing us down.

The Democrat’s regime in the United States (I say that with tongue in cheek – or do I?) was none too happy about Google algorithms and rankings of Trump winning before he actually did. But does it matter? The vote had already been cast. If it were Clinton winning the Electoral College, would we be hearing anything about this so called ‘fake news’?

fake news

At least Zuckerberg had the balls to say that 99 percent of its site is authentic and that “over all, this makes it extremely unlikely hoaxes changed the outcome of this election in one direction or the other.” (And I sourced that from the NY Times, so it must be real), because a few paragraphs down NY Times responds to Zuckerberg:

“Facebook’s ad policy update will not stem the flow of fake news stories that spread through the news feeds that people see when they visit the social network.” The NY Times goes on about Facebook’s reach to almost 2 billion people and how they are “one of the largest distributors of news online.”

Hmm, jealous much, NY Times?

Google spokeswoman Andrea Faville released a statement, saying policy change will be implemented to prohibit misleading content and ban websites who participate. “Moving forward, we will restrict ad serving on pages that misrepresent, misstate or conceal information about the publisher, the publisher’s content or the primary purpose of the web property,” she said.

There goes Anonymous-run news sites, Info Wars, WikiLeaks, I dare say, The Intercept, The Free Thought Project and anyone else who dares to protect the author and/or their sources. What’s more, who dictates what news is real and what is fake? How is it dictated when investigative journalism is all but dead. Answer me that.

Here, I’ve got some fake news for you: The western society you live in values democracy. Everyone is equal. Liberty, equality, freedom!

Think about it.




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