From one former liberal to the “current ones,” Antimedia journalist Carey Wedler explains without apology, why Trump rose to power.

With no punches pulled, Wedler accuses Obama supporters of “stepping back” while he was in power, blindly hoping for a new and progressive president – believing him to be a “saviour,” and “rationalizing injustice.”

According to Wedler, those quick to point the blame solely at islamophobia, hatred and sexism, for Trump’s election win, are blinding kidding themselves. In fact, Wedler openly states that the very liberals that oppose the new President-elect are the ones who opened the door for him to seize the big seat. That’s right, sitting back on your morals while taking the high horse, has led you into the current climate, says Wedler.

“Many Trump supporters might not fully understand the concept of blowback, but considering you view yourselves as so rational and sane, take it for what it is: you allowed this to happen while you kicked your feet up, put flowers in your hair, and pretended Obama was a saviour and stopped paying attention.”

Wedler explains how this has come to pass, citing how Bernie Sanders was cast aside by his own for the more war-hawkish Clinton. Clinton along with Obama played a part in the economic hardships contributing to the working-class injustices and desperation, amongst so many other issues.

“And had she won, you would’ve continued to ignore all this because your party was in power, and you would’ve continued to wonder why the Trump crowd was so upset…you and the media mocked them and condescended to them and thought of every reason they supported him, than the glaring truth.”

It’s not that Wedler supports Trump. She self admittingly is neither here nor there with the current choices. In the end, it’s the failure to see the real reasons why Trump rose to power that angers her.

Wedler is imploring that people stand back and open their eyes rather than continue to make excuses. Neither the Democrats nor Republicans are innocent, but in the end, it is the citizen’s fault.

Wedler’s argument is about renewing your engagement, it’s about finding the accountability and it’s about acknowledging the blame that got us all here in the first place. It’s about the bullshit finger pointing, the arrogance and the ignorance that has enshrined the 2016 US election. It’s about the he says-she says antics, and accepting fault on the shoulders of where it really rests.

See below for the full clip.