It’s enough to make you go postal. Let’s tax anyone below the high-middle income earners and let’s tax them ‘til they bleed. They can forgo all vital resources, they can even pay for the stuff ups conjured by corporate greed. Hell, while we’re at it, let’s create some health problems along the way… if we screw up, if we devastate, if we kill…the taxpaying citizen can net the cost.

Sound familiar?

What about the GFC, and the bill footed by US (not to mention other international) taxpayers. It happened when the banks almost collapsed the world economy and now it’s happening again – this time, with Big Pharma leading the line.

Because, well, we can’t live without the Big Banks or Big Pharma, can we? Big Ag, Big this, Big that; for all the Little people under its thumb…Yes, I’m damn angry. And you should be too.

Big corporations are constantly receiving welfare handouts while the rest of us struggle. The incessant suckling from the government teat, as the Free Thought Project mildly puts it, is sickening.

Now enter the vaccine program.

In some western countries, it is almost illegal to not vaccinate your child. In Australia, for example, no one is exempt, even on religious grounds, from vaccination. Without it you don’t receive welfare, nor do you receive an education – not without a fight anyhow.

Now, I’m not here to lock horns with those on either side of the vaccine fence, rather, let’s discuss the cost to the taxpayer for all those incidents that mainstream media don’t like to report on.

According to the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) a “number of adverse reactions” to vaccination go underreported. Thankfully so, because in the United States alone, the compensation paid out to those who are adversely affected by vaccination, since 1988, reached to $3.3 billion USD this year.

Rather than have the pharmaceutical companies pay out the legal costs and lawsuits, we, as the taxpayer, must shoulder this burden. Because, of course, like everything else, it’s our fault.

And this is my gripe.

As was the situation with the bail out for the banks some years ago, it seems we are constantly bailing out Big Pharma for their shortcomings. The CDC recommends vaccination, but when it doesn’t work out for the patient, it is the taxpayer’s problem.

Big corporations are constantly receiving welfare handouts while the rest of us struggle.

It seems that the companies producing the vaccines have little to put on the line, with no liability, and on some occasions, very little testing or research. There is no financial hardship for Big Pharma, and little to persuade them into doing the right thing.

Vaccines by nature, are controversial. No one wants to inject their child with something unless they have a full picture of what that drug can do. The fact is, some people do have adverse effects from immunization. They do happen.

In the 1980s, vaccine manufacturers held the government to ransom after a spike in vaccine-related lawsuits occurred. The Free Thought Project reported that these pharmaceutical companies “threatened to stop making vaccines unless the government took on responsibility for vaccine injury lawsuits.”

Shortly after, the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) was established, to pick up the tab on behalf of the citizen.

Removing a company’s liability impacts on the way the company will scrutinise its own decisions in the future. With little to compound their decisions, the ‘too big to fail’ saying rings all too true. If there is no associated negligence, then what hope is there to govern anything appropriately?

Again, it is about corporate greed and its excesses. It’s reminiscent of a kid in a candy store with 100 bucks in his pocket and his parents too busy on their iPhones to care. There are no incentives to behave and everything amiss is someone else’s fault.

Corruption at its best and it’ll only get ‘better’ the longer you look away.