Netanyahu’s Tantrum, Trump and Toupee


I don’t care what side of the strip you sit on; Ben’s tantrums are far from becoming of a man his age. In a time when diplomacy is needed, we get a bullish response from a politician overdue for retirement. In a time of international fragility, we get grown men shouting about bats and balls but never taking them home.

Don’t get me wrong. I can stand neither Obama nor Trump, I despise the Clinton’s and Kimmy over in North Korea and Putin, well, he’s a mixed basket. In particular, I rather despise Turnbull in Australia and any other politician who claims to know what’s best for their people as they commit troops to a war or slash a 90-year-old’s pension plan. The arrogance of the modern-day politician is utterly sickening and I see no resolve. But what really gets me hot under the collar is a grown man’s international hissy fit. It’s simply embarrassing to come from the same species.

Netanyahu's Tantrum

Netanyahu’s latest foot stomper comes from the voting of the UN security council, ruling that Ben’s fancy for the Gaza is illegal. In essence, it has ruled for Israel to stop building settlements in what is considered Palestinian territory and to come to a compromise so the killings stop on both sides. If it were to happen in another country it’d sound fair – but we’re talking about the promised land and well, that tends to upset the ‘God botherers’ at times. Did I say I’m as secular as they come? Yep, I guess I’m going to hell then…but I digress.

I know this opinion article is going to upset the camps – and it is my opinion only –  but I’m just saying what a lot of people are too afraid to speak of. No one likes to get into the middle of the Israel-says-Palestine-says debate. But there are some of us considering that perhaps… just perhaps, the U.S. finally did something right. That Obama finally did something right.

I can’t help but applaud the thumbing of the nose tactics Obama has adopted in his last weeks of presidency. It confirms an underbelly of an establishment long suspected. And this was just one of those moments where the establishment got the bird. Rather than veto the UN resolution, the United States abstained. And go them, I say. Sometimes the much needed silence is deafening.

It tripped up the Israeli prime minister’s arrogance. It put him in check. It forced him to concede and look at his reflection – for a short time, at least – until the mirror broke and he realised he’d now have 7 years of bad luck. But unfortunately for the world, Ben is starting to get nasty.

What will the politically inexperienced Trump do after the inauguration, I wonder? Will he support peace talks or will he support the conflict earmarked for Israel? Admittingly, the ranga and his toupee are in a sh*t storm either way – but at least they’re in this together… hair product, anyone?

Now that I’ve managed to upset the Republicans, Democrats, Israelis, Aussies, Koreans and Russians, I think it’s safe to say that all things being equal, this tantrum needs a time out.  

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