Help Keep Your Private Life Away from Prying Eyes

Make your New Year’s resolutions count and be sure to include in them your privacy. What do I mean by that, you ask? Below is a list of devices and techniques used by our spying agencies to see what we’re up to. Some of them may even surprise the more tech savvy amongst us…

Internet Activity

We all know about IP addresses used against us. That’s why we have a thing called a VPN (Virtual Privacy Network). IP addresses can be accessed by government agencies who want to check up on our browsing history and to even look up our friends and family.

The Smart TV

The smart TV is called this for a reason. With this new wave of technology hitting our homes in affordable droves, the unsuspecting purchaser may not realize that government agencies can eavesdrop on our conversations through the voice recognition feature – even when the television is turned off.

Social Media Accounts

This one is common sense, however, do you realize that government agencies can use your social media platforms to not only track when you’re about to protest because of a Twitter hashtag used, but they can search all of your Google searches and also access your Amazon Wish List? So, next time you order your DIY Book on Anarchy, be sure to use a VPN and some common sense.  

private life

Catching some Zzzz’s – No Sleeping Soundly Here

The new gadget that Santa gave you on Christmas morning – the smartwatch around your wrist – is also a prime suspect for information gathering. Government agencies can now access when you’re sleeping and when you’re waking, all courtesy of smart device technology. Awesome, ain’t it?

Running from the NSA or Just Running?

Consider the fitness tracker on your phone or smartwatch. Not only does the government know when we put our feet on the floor after waking up, they can see where we are and where we’re headed. Essentially, every footstep is recorded. There really is no hiding around the corner anymore…

Privacy is the one thing you want to keep. After all, it’s yours and yours alone. The best way to keep your privacy intact is to use a decent VPN and max out all your privacy settings on your devices and PC. Use a two-factor authentication where you can, update your passwords every couple of months and always turn any smart device’s voice recognition features off – including that pesky thing called Cortana.

And remember, have a happy and safe 2017.

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