Depending on the time zone, in a few hours we’ll be in a world where Donald Trump and his toupee are president of the United States. And with the presidency title comes the proxy title: International leader.

Speaking to my Twitter followers today I sensed a despair. It’s a concerning despair that stretches across the world ten times over, and one that threatens to topple an already fragile space into one of ‘low key panic.’

But fear not. With every new turn comes a new challenge. It also brings forth learning, mistakes and the chance to do things differently next time. Growth, as I like to call it, is a change that the world and humanity so desperately needs.

I’m not speaking politically, mind you. I am not a Democrat nor a Republican. At best, one can say I’m a confused conservative Catholic-anarchist if you take my coffee away from me long enough.

But I digress . . .

No, Donald Trump is the mistake we must have. It’ll shake and wake every person who is still kidding themselves that the world is a-okay.

Hold faith in humanity, hold that we’ll learn from our mistakes this time. I know it’s a big ask on the eve of a historical turning point—like ants, we’re racing for cover in the thunderstorm that we know is coming. And come what may, it’s an essential task to brace ourselves, prepare for what’s coming and know that somewhere in the ether, the universe is laughing; pointing at us and saying “I told you so.”

This is the change we need. From here we can only wake up and truly evolve into a better species . . .

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