• London attacks have been confirmed as acts of terrorism
  • Up to 7 now feared dead, 48 hospitalised, more treated on scene for minor injuries.
  • People are currently on boats, searching the Thames in fear of more victims that may have been forced off London Bridge.
  • Two attacks: London Bridge and multiple stabbings reported at Borough Market area.
  • Three attackers shot dead by police.
  • Witnesses say attackers yelled “This is for Allah!” during the stabbings.
  • Journalist Geoff Ho who was reported stabbed and missing has now been found in a hospital in intensive care.
  • 28 victims are fighting for their lives.
  • 12 arrested.

Only weeks after the Manchester attacks, London has suffered two separate instances of terrorism.

Six people have been reported killed and a further 48 injured in terrorist attacks on London Bridge and the Borough Market.

London terror attacks

In recent updates, the police have reported that three attackers have been shot dead shortly after 10pm on Saturday.

London Bridge is now on lockdown, following a van swerving off the road and into a crowd of pedestrians. Driving around 50mph, it sped towards those walking along the pavement on the south side of the bridge, hitting at least 6 people approximately at 10.10pm. One witness confirmed at least 4 severely injured people.

Another separate attack was reported in Borough Market outside a pub. Police raced to the scene where reported multiple stabbings occurred inside Southwark Tavern and on Southwark Street.

Prime Minister Theresa May has confirmed the attacks are terror related. “I can confirm that the terrible incident in London is being treated as a potential act of terrorism,” May said.

People were told to barricade themselves indoors, while others ran for their lives in the streets.

Scotland Yard also warned those in the area to avoid London Bridge station which is now closed and on lockdown for the remainder of the night.

Multiple gun shots were also heard by witnesses with Scotland Yard confirming that shots had been fired. Another incident unfolding in the Vauxhall area was confirmed as a stabbing but unrelated to the London Bridge and Borough Market terrorist attacks.

London terror attacks

Multiple buildings are currently on lockdown including Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation hospital to keep patients, relatives and staff safe. The Premier Inn Bankside hotel has also been evacuated. Police have escorted dozens of guests staying at the Premier Inn to a nearby hotel after a fire alarm was activated.

Four controlled explosions also took place near London Bridge. Scotland Yard is yet to elaborate on this.

One man was also captured on camera on the ground with what appears to be canisters on an apparent suicide vest strapped to his body. The vest was later described by police as fake.

One eyewitness during the attack said they heard the attackers shout “This is for Allah!” as they stabbed people.

London terror attacks

Another witness, Ben, described the attackers with large blades of around 10 inches going calmly stabbing one victim multiple times.

It’s also reported a search is now active for a missing journalist who was stabbed in the attacks. Friends and family are currently on social media trying to find him. The business editor of London’s Sunday Express, Geoff Ho, was reported to have been put in an ambulance after being injured near Southwark Tavern.

Police are also currently on boats searching the Thames in fear that people were also thrown off the bridge.

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