Top 4 Immediate Environmental Threats to Humanity

Environmental Threats

Climate fear mongering is rooted in the capacity to terrorize the population over threats that are less of a concern, all the while we’re leaning towards ignoring the true threats to our world’s ecosystem.

Isn’t it fascinating how human beings who shudder over Trump’s actions to pull the United States out of the Paris climate accord say nothing about other disasters, such as Fukushima and the impact it has over the Pacific Ocean, polluting it with radiation?

A top 4 threats list to the environment has been compiled below. More often than not, these issues are generally neglected by advocates of climate change, even when our planet is under immediate threat. Although climate change and the removal of the US from the Paris agreement is a serious issue, the current situation is perilous and one that we can no longer afford to ignore.

As corporate sponsorship haunts mainstream media reporting, it will be a rare occurrence when you read about these issues in the traditional media…

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