Forget About Climate Change. Here’s The Top 4 Immediate Environmental Threats to Humanity

Environmental Threats

More often than not, the environmental threats creating climate change are neglected by advocates in an attempt to generalise the subject and avoid class action. Even when our planet is under immediate threat.

Although climate change and the removal of the US from the Paris agreement is a serious issue, the current situation of world-wide government-avoidance tactics is perilous, and one we can no longer afford to ignore.

It boggles the mind why people refuse to rise up against government corruption, greed and blatant elitism when humanity stands at the precipice of destruction.

As corporate sponsorship haunts mainstream media reporting, it will be a rare occurrence to read about these issues below. However, without apology I state it is by our own hand that humanity’s demise is now one step closer.

Will you act now or blame the politician?

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