More often than not, the environmental threats creating climate change are neglected by advocates in an attempt to generalise the subject and avoid class action. Even when our planet is under immediate threat.

Although climate change and the removal of the US from the Paris agreement is a serious issue, the current situation of world-wide government-avoidance tactics is perilous, and one we can no longer afford to ignore.

It boggles the mind why people refuse to rise up against government corruption, greed and blatant elitism when humanity stands at the precipice of destruction.

As corporate sponsorship haunts mainstream media reporting, it will be a rare occurrence to read about these issues below. However, without apology I state it is by our own hand that humanity’s demise is now one step closer.

Will you act now or blame the politician?

1. Mass Deforestation

 Environmental Threats

Deforestation is occurring at a breakneck pace across every country. Governments across the world—responsible for the Indonesian forests, the million-year-old forests in the Australian state of Tasmania, and the South American Amazon Rainforest—have okayed the decimation of our oxygen supplies at an alarming rate. All for the sake of a buck.

But it isn’t just restricted to these greedy nations.

The clear-cutting of trees is arguably the biggest contributor to climate change. Forest regrowth cannot keep up with our greed. Despite the scientific communities’ warnings that deforestation will increase droughts, increase climate instability, create ground erosion, and cause the mass extinction of many precious species, governments are yet to outlaw these practices.

2. Genetically Engineered Crops – GMOs

There’s a reason for Europe’s and Russia’s reluctance to allow GMOs into their agricultural markets. They’re dangerous. They also pose a destabilizing risk to our food supplies.

Despite the spread of genetic pollution that the GMO threat creates, mainstream media is unwilling to report on its consequences. The world’s food crops are being contaminated by alarming mutations at warp speed. Further to the contamination, Big Government all across the world are helping to make traditional natural seed gathering and cultivation illegal wherever Monsanto appears.

As GMO News notes, “when you choose to interfere with nature, you should be prepared for results that are far from natural.”

Without reliable food crops, humanity will starve, particularly as climate change takes a hold.

You can’t eat money.

3. Fukushima

 Environmental Threats

Fukushima is a rarely talked about topic since the initial disaster that caused the melting of toxic radioactive fuel rods.

Since the 2011 incident, some fuel rods are yet to be located and contained by the Japanese government. The once pristine Pacific Ocean is now under radioactive assault with enormous die-offs regularly occurring.

The clean up is predicted to keep contractors employed for up to a century. To add to the radioactive disaster, a containment pool near the site will suffer a similar fate when another earthquake hits, compounding the current crisis.

Although climate change is a growing concern, why the lack of media coverage of Fukushima? In 2019, the Fukushima nuclear disaster is far worse than expected. Over 40 trillion becquerels have now leaked into the Pacific and continue to do so with no end in sight.

4. We’re Drinking and Eating Big Pharma’s Drugs

 Environmental Threats

Where are the mainstream media reports on the toxic drugs flushing into our waterways and oceans? Whether you are a regular subscriber to Big Pharma drugs or not, it’s likely you’ll still test positive for trace amounts in your bloodstream.

The environmental damage caused by pharmaceutical waste being poured into the world’s river systems has direct consequences once you consume the fish. Antibiotics, pain killers and antidepressant traces have all been found in the fish and seafood we eat. Over time, populations of fish such as minnows have almost completely collapsed; other aquatic life faces similar consequences, and a fragile ecosystem hangs in the balance.

Although climate change is a very real threat, some scientists note that the corporate machine is working hard to keep the immediate threats out of the headlines. The governments of Australia, South America and the United State specifically control the official climate change narratives designed by our power-hungry politicans.