Ghost Stories: What Ever Happened to Olivia Mabel?

Tulpa: Thought form; a creation of another through the use of persistent imagination; mental companion; imaginary friend; hallucination; evil.

The Facts

The world is a strange place, and one that isn’t fully understood. From the things that we can barely grasp to the unimaginable that we’re more inclined to mock, the life we live is full of dark and very nasty surprises. A reality that poor Olivia Mabel found out for herself.

Olivia Mabel was a grief-stricken mother after she had lost her only child, Aiden Mabel, aged 7. In 1990, the drowning death of the bright-eyed boy, occurring on their acreage, left Olivia’s heart shattered. A year later, her marriage was in ruin. Four years later, tragedy struck the mother again.

Aiden Mabel, a year before his tragic death.

After the death of Aiden, and after Olivia’s husband left her due to her deep depression, Olivia shut herself away from the world, remaining on the Footlights Ranch property where Aiden had been found dead in a seasonal pond. Her deep grief and self-blame (and with no other family members to give her support) saw Olivia forget the outside world as it forgot her. She was last seen alive in September 1991.

On February 27, 1994, police received several “silent” 911 calls, all coming from Olivia Mabel’s house. What has alluded the police for more than 30 years, is how the phone calls were ever made long after Olivia’s death, with the caller never identified.


Upon arrival to investigate the initial calls, police were shocked to find a neglected house not touched in years, and the body of Olivia Mabel in her late son’s bedroom. Inside the bedroom, police found a starkly contrasting cleanliness to the rest of the house, but also something unseen in a small town such as Celina, Texas.


A crudely constructed altar sat to one wall of the bedroom, with written words in Tibetan and Sanskrit. Translated, they read “Construct” or “To Build.” In front of the altar sat Olivia Mabel’s rotting corpse, clutching a stick doll of her late son, hand-crafted and dressed in cloth from Aiden’s clothing.


The investigation into Olivia’s death was eventually closed, unsolved.

The Legend

Those spiritual – specifically in Tibetan Buddhism – have long held that Tulpa exists. Where it deviates with some is for what consequences do we summon our Tulpa?

In the case of Olivia Mabel, a few things stand out. One is the silent calls leading police to her doorstep on Feb. 27, 1994. The other is a note, supposedly in Olivia’s handwriting and apologizing to Aiden – dated Feb. 27, 1994. The problem: On the basis of Olivia’s decomposition when found, Olivia Mabel was declared dead for some time.


The rumours didn’t take long to grow into legend, and for the various interpretations of what Tulpa really is, some believe evil is at work.

“One of the oddest parts for me,” says Officer Santiago, one of the first officers on scene in February, “is the date on the last letter we found. Dated the very day we kicked that swollen door down. The city concluded that she post-dated everything but I don’t believe she was alone in that house. And I don’t believe her spirit wasn’t still in the room with us that night. But then that makes me the crazy one, right?”

Paranormal experts were summoned to the property after her death when the house simply wouldn’t sell on the market. In 2005, Drew Navarro, a paranormal expert, assessed the house.

“I’m not even sure this was even ever on our physical plane. In the hundreds of locations I’ve studied, I’ve never felt such an imposing force. I couldn’t breathe, my heart was constantly racing. Its energy kept changing, but none of it felt inviting. Whatever is in there, it’s extremely possessive and behaves so erratically, like a jealous child throwing a tantrum. As far as I’m concerned, that house and that entire property should be avoided. It needs a serious intervention, because I’m not sure what we’re dealing with.”

Olivia Mabel.

Some believed that a living Tulpa – a “thought form” – was roaming the Footlights Ranch, summoned by Olivia in hopes of reuniting her with precious Aiden through the creation of an entity; one not entirely planned for.

For whatever may be the cause of Olivia Mabel’s death, the legend will no doubt continue.

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