Producing short satire clips documenting corporate interests in Australia and the damage they do, YouTube Influencer The Juice Media has yet again suffered a backlash in their latest clip on the brutalities of the Australian horse racing industry.

The Melbourne Cup, established in 1861, is Australia’s annual thoroughbred horse race. “The race that stops the nation” is a multi-billion-dollar industry that takes place in the first week of November and sees celebrations (glorified alcoholism) throughout the nation.

Two days ago, YouTube Influencer The Juice Media released a clip satirising the cruelty occurring in the racing industry prior to the 2019 Cup. Unfortunately, ‘Thee Industry’ had the original clip removed and censored from YouTube.

The grim reality of this race, however, is animal abuse. Horses are shot where they collapse or tortured as their tongues are tied for the race. If they don’t race fast enough for their million-dollar owners, they’re disposed of as “wastage” when they’re not fast enough. If they collapse during a race for fractures, exhaustion, or internal bleeding, they’re disposed of as “wastage” too. Bluntly put, horse racing is strictly a business.

Last year brought the brutal reality home when The CliffsofMoher, a stunning 4-year-old race horse appeared agitated and was sweating profusely.

Seconds into the race, the horse ‘broke down’ suffering a fractured shoulder.  Veterinarians rushed to erect a tarp around the fallen horse, but not long after the collapse and amid the Cup celebrations, The CliffsofMoher was euthanised on the track in front of spectators.

The racehorse was the sixth to die in 5 years. The same 2018 Melbourne Cup race saw the winner and runner-up jockeys (among several other riders) suspended for excessively whipping their horses.

The Juice Media’s clips attempt to draw attention to pertinent issues in Australia by using humour and satire. With a strong following, it seems corporate industries—and in this case, the immensely powerful horse racing industry—wants to shut them up. Their original clip, it seems, vanished.

The team at The Juice Media released a statement with a new clip on YouTube:

“Ok lets try again shall we. Thank you for your patience and apologies for the video disappearing yesterday.

Turns out some of those associated with this whole industry don’t particularly like being associated with it after all 🤷♀️ So we’ve made some tweaks – coz ultimately we want the focus to be on the treatment of the racehorses and the industry behind the Melbourne Cup.

Thanks for all your positive comments – if you’d like to support us please use this version of the video.”

Please support people like this, who try to keep the government accountable.

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