‘Granny Killer’, Anti-Vax, Anti-Mask, Conspiracy: Only Human?

By Aral Bereux

To be human or not to be human? This is the question I pose for you. Do you dare answer it?

I’ve remained silent on the subject of humanity for far too long. Admitting, the ‘Woke’ culture that sleepwalked itself into our lives has, well, intimidated my once renown cheek and smartassery. You see, back then nothing was truly at stake. Censorship was still pinned back and career suicide was often by choice, not by free speech.

The pervasiveness of curtailing free speech; the clueless and overly academic cool kid on the block that somehow missed the common sense 101 subject has crept in with an Orwellian grace that even I’m shocked by. The Pre-COV days of surveillance and censorship were always a precursor to something, I knew this – and I warned about it in what I now see as hopeful naivety – but the speed in which our tiptoe into totalitarianism has occurred has dumbfounded even those already prepared.

How could a Normie (a normal, run-of-the-mill Mainstream Media reader who refuses to move outside of their bubble) possibly see this coming? If the alt-media world—sorry, Alt-Media (we must assume some authority now) world was left speechless after their written rant, how could a Normie possibly fight back?

Now, I’m not saying I’m a COV denier—though, in the industry I work, there’s been no sign of the thing other than the slather of protocols, temperature taking and mask fetishes—but you have to admit, people (unless you’re really a sheep to the slaughter) crisis or not, this has made for one heck of a grand surveillance and censorship vector.

. . . And Australia and New Zealand should serve as a warning to the rest of the world.

In the land of the free peoples, for instance, the larrikins I grew to love, the ‘she’ll be right, mayyyyte’ bogans that once never took shit from a drop bear much less a politician, have suddenly found that their laid back attitudes have left them and their country open to a free-for-all slather of tyranny.

Crisis or not, this has made for one heck of a grand surveillance and censorship vector.

The lucky country, as she once was, has all but eliminated the virus (and let’s assume the virus and it’s 0.2 percent mortality is real, folks). Great! You’d think. Bloody awesome! Three cheers for the newly coined ‘Doughnut Day’ of ZERO cases and ZERO deaths, which occurs more often now than a straight Melbourne day of summer.

But there lurks a darker side to the consuming of all these sugar bagels, and it isn’t a heart attack or CVA. No, with this comes something more frightening than the virus itself. The mandatory track and trace system of every individual in every place is now being written into law.

Want a sit down coffee? Sure, we’ll QR code our personal details to the government with our Smartphone because it’s for the good of the nation. It’s a small sacrifice even though the COVSafe app was never meant to be mandatory. Want a beer? QR code into the pub. Who needs the COVSafe app anyway? Need some groceries? QR yourself in. Be my guest.

Governments never retract the power granted.

Haven’t got a Smartphone? That’s okay, too. We’ll just track and trace every. single. time you use your bank card for a transaction. The Welsh should adopt this one. It’ll make the tracking of buying non-essential items all the more easier to fine you.

The government now reserves the right to know where you are, who you’re with, at what time and probably for the rest of your life and your children’s life . . . and your grandchildren. You know where this is headed. There’s a reason why hundreds of thousands of Germans are marching in the streets. They remember. Governments never retract the power granted; never will they let go of control, no matter how many times they say they will.

It’s YOUR body, so it is YOUR choice.

And then there’s the not so voluntary vaccination that will see you locked out of the social sphere and without a job if you refuse it (just because you’re cautious of the new vaccination technology and lack of testing on what would be the first ever coronavirus). But don’t worry, being homeless is voluntary. The government’s down with your ‘voluntary decision, even though the vaccine won’t end the pandemic or prevent you getting sick:

“…These predictable demand patterns imply that infections may not fall much, or may even rise, immediately after a vaccine is introduced,” the MSN reported.

But for me, at this very moment, it’s not so much the forced vaccination that hasn’t had years of safety testing, but the digital surveillance grid that is here to stay.

Deep inside, in that part of you that longs to be human again, just think about the line in the sand you’ve now drawn. At what point will you say these ‘measures’ to keep us safe from ourselves, these actions that a stranger has imposed against our will, should stop?

Will you trade all freedoms forever? Will you quit your job to be homeless? Will you trade out your children’s life for what exactly—a Social Credit Score? What exactly are we doing as a society to protect the healthy as well as the weak?

What exactly are you doing to keep those who aren’t sick, safe?

At what point will you stand up from all fours again and bleat out lout what it is to be human?

Oh, and being hesitant with a new vaccine doesn’t make you an anti-vaxxer. It makes you a critical thinker that holds an abundance of caution. A rare trait these days.

This article is a free and open source. You have permission to republish (‘Granny Killer’, Anti-Vax, Anti-Mask, Conspiracy: Only Human?) under a Creative Commons license with attribution to the author Aral Bereux and Dnewshq.com.


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