How Humans Will Look In 1,000 Years

Where will humans be in 1,000 years? What will we look like? These questions and more are examined by Tech Insider, taking into account our appearance a century ago and where we are currently standing now.

Our height over the last 130 years has increased by an average of 3 inches. Once upon a time, the average man stood at 5’7”, now they stand at 5’10”.

Will this be humanity’s future reality?

And because of technology’s aids, our eyesight, health and hearing have enhanced, too. It isn’t so far-fetched that in the next century or two, technology such as the bionic eye will be integrated into our daily lives. Seeing X-rays and infrared light may become common place, and prosthetics won’t just be for those with disabilities.

Current studies have discovered cellular changes are constantly occurring, too. In South Africa, an Oxford-led study revealed HIV-infected children have developed a built-in mechanism preventing the disease from turning into AIDS. Gene editing tools like CRISPR are looking to reverse the effects of aging and eradicate diseases, thus promoting immunity to diseases that currently kill in endemic proportions.

Other studies currently conducted in Italy and China are also examining the experimentation with animal head transplants, to see if consciousness can be transferred from one body to another. The next step in this will be the human trials, they say.

The video goes on to document the plausibility of speeding up our evolution. By traveling to Mars and establishing space colonies, those born on the red planet will most likely become taller by more than a few inches, due to the low gravity environment. Their eyes will also evolve with larger pupils to absorb more light, as the planet receives up to 66 percent less sunlight than Earth.

Will the colonists return home with their heightened evolution? It’s most likely they’ll employ the transfer of consciousness for the trip home or merge with machines, so they can share their breakthroughs with the first generation Earth species. Something currently only witnessed on Star Trek reruns.

Are we the last of our ‘kind’? Our children, their children and children’s children will experience the evolutionary breakthroughs that we can barely imagine. Humanity, like any other species, is ever-changing. From the external technological input, through to the cellular level, evolution is unstoppable.

So if a head transplant suits your needs, or if you want to download your consciousness so you can access it later; or gain a few inches in height quickly; these are some of the possible traits we’ll see in the human species in the coming 1,000 years.

As the short video explains, it may be the only chance we have to outrun our own extinction. But it also comes with some very large and unexamined consequences.

This article (How Humans Will Look In 1,000 Years) is a free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to author Aral Bereux and DNewsHQ.


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  1. Kenneth T. says:

    If the nineteen year old sitting in my living room hogging the big TV so he can play his video games is any indication of where we are headed… the human race is in for a big pile of doo doo.

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