Divide and Conquer They Have. What Comes Next?

It’s difficult for the human to position themselves in line with other animals. We, for many millennia, have remained on top of the food chain. We discovered the power of fire, social groups and then “pow” man became the king of jungles, mountains, deserts and oceans. There was nothing stopping us . . .other than man.

It’s a tough pill to swallow, but there are two sub species in the human race. There are those who follow, comply, bend their knee and accept in their good grace what is being told to them. Then there are those who have evolved a little more into the dominant hierarchy, the ones who question authority, think critically of everything crossing their path, from what type of flour to use to the ethics behind bad laws. These people will often die by the sword they swing, and usually die for the freedoms they wish to maintain for those who hate them.

At times of peril, we look to our leaders. Unfortunately, it is ingrained into our DNA to only allow one or two leaders per pack. When the lesser dominant animals attempt to sway our beliefs, the followers view this as an undermining of their own belief systems: they have chosen their leader, and if their leader is wrong, so are they. See the problem?

We’re only animals. We’d do well to continually remind ourselves in this time of crisis which has strangely swallowed the world whole – I would argue not on a public health measure but purely on one involving ideological principles. We need to remind ourselves that no matter our beliefs or our leaders, we are all wrong on some level.

The fact is, we are all in this together, and we’re yet to honestly figure this out. If you hold any other view, wishing those who hold opposing thoughts dead, then you are no better than past SS soldiers and dictators of the most evil natured. Those who wish the unmasked to die of a virus are no better than the eugenicists of the past and present. Those who wish the vaccinated to hurry and take another shot in hopes it kills or injures them, you too, are no better than the Kapo who killed their brethren in Auschwitz. There is no room for your evil wishes here.

The real facts are, the governments around the world are fully taking advantage of the existing public health crisis at large, and are muddying the waters by introducing their own agendas into the mix. The governments have cleverly deployed multi-trillion dollar tactics against their populations to fast-track technologies they were planning to introduce anyway. They’re rubbing their hands together, seeing this crisis as a blessing to line their own pockets. They have taken advantage of your fear, heightened it, and then exploited it. But to admit that we’ve been fooled is to admit that we’re wrong, and in this case, admit to dangerously high stakes that we now have to fight to win back. Most people are too weak, stubborn, or afraid to consider this.

No matter where you sit on the fence with the health matter at large, you have been conned, and the bio state has been implemented. It will never, ever be taken back. It will never, ever go away, even if the current threat subsides. The cold, hard reality is that we have allowed governments around the world to implement their One World State over us. If you don’t believe me, Communist, Fascist, Democratic and Capitalist nation-states are now . . .well, we’re all exactly the same. We are no better than the CCP nor are we in any better state than North Korea. We’re just varying shades of them.

The term is yet to be coined, I believe. What we’ve become is yet to be discovered, but I do know that our grandchildren will live with the repercussions that will ripple down through the decades to come. None of us have done enough to strike a safe balance that will maintain freedom with safety. The Social Cage’s screwed have tightened, and we will need a blow torch to set ourselves free.

The fight is over. The protests you see in your cities are the last dying breaths of freedom and in a few years time, the more reasonable people among us will miss them in secret. To say it out loud will be a sentence of exile.

We are in this together. The ship is fast sinking. The only question now is this: How much dignity will you keep intact?


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  1. The ‘public health crisis’, on the pretext of a respiratory virus that is harmless to the majority of the population, was pre-planned in order to bring about an authoritarian global government, in which we all have to be injected with potentially lethal gene therapy at least twice a year in order to regain some of the freedoms that have been stolen from us. If we were all in this together then there would be greater opposition than there currently is to ‘vaccine passports’ which are the first step to a global digital ID linked to a CCP-style social credit system. But those employed within the state system are the keenest for this to be brought about, hence the most authoritarian. These are people who ironically regard themselves as ‘liberal’ and ‘progressive’.


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