Ban the word Mate and you’ll have a world of pain from me, mate!

The year is 2022, and I do believe I haven’t written a word of critique, social commentary, or political satire in oh, well over eight months. You see, I’ve been busy losing my job like many of you, after a couple of decades of service with ambulance and corrections and what-not—but luckily, I’m one of the fortunates who had a skill I could fall back on. And so, I’ve been happily editing away for an academic journal or two from the comforts of my own home since late November of ‘21, just after I caught the snots and grots courtesy of the big D, and then the big O.

And the snots and grots is all they were folks, nothing to see here, and certainly nothing to lose my service-to-my-community job over; but . . .Such. Is. Life. *sigh*

So, just a quick one to let you all know that I’ll soon be back, and with a vengeance, writing my uncensored, politically incorrect content as the woke-flakes call it, with the first topic being mateship. I mean, come on . . . now they’re apparently trying to ban the word ‘mate’ in Australia because it’s not inclusive? W.T.F, mate, W.T.F.

Not this little chicken; she will not be right with that one, mate. That’s my culture you’re fucking with, and I ain’t standing for it. . . mate, so I’ve kinda got a bee in my bonnet over all this culture-ripping that’s taking place, and now that I work for myself . . .well, I’m at liberty to speak my mind.

However, and I do say ‘however’ in a strong tone, I’m yet to do some decent research on the above mateship clincher that isn’t so matey with all those mates out there, just to see how true this vicious rumour is, which will be my first point of call when I publish the up-and-coming article on this chummy piece of lib-tard/ALP—ooops—social commie BS.

(take a breath)

But until then, you’ll have to contend with the crickets in my backyard or follow this link to see what else I’ve been up to over the last few months.

Otherwise, stay safe, and more importantly, stay free—and bloody keep hold of your integrity.

Aral Bereux,

Formerly the AnonWatcher writer and editor-in-chief for (I can now say that somewhat safely—or maybe I just don’t give a hoot anymore).

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  1. Kenneth T. says:

    Who is “they”?
    Australia started as a penalty colony — not much has changed


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