Australia has gone woke. ‘Mateship’ is on the brink of being banned.

Australia’s intention to ban the word ‘mate’ is just another symbol of the mumbo jumbo 1984 doublespeak memory-holing that Orwell and many, many others have warned us about.

In recent weeks, although NSW government ministers slammed the idea of being told they were not to refer to their colleagues as ‘mates’ anymore, the concept seems to be sticking. The ‘inclusion training seminar’ was a program to ‘educate’ ministers on wrong speak and wrong thought, and cost the taxpayers $202,000.

The PC-loaded ‘Respect at Work’ seminars also included lectures on the evils of alcohol in the office, yelling at colleagues and gossip in the workplace in the same context as addressing your friends as mates.

The former state leader, Berejiklian, who was forced to stand down over corruption allegations, is leading the way into this psychosis, stating she was “keen to adopt all the recommendations” regarding sex discrimination, with, of course, the word ‘mate’ included in the list as offensive and harmful.

“I want to have a clear conscience that I’ve done everything I can to make sure that our workplace is supportive, respectful, and fair and that staff are always comfortable in coming forward in a safe setting,” Berejiklian went on to say.

Nonetheless, legacy media arched their backs up in a surprise mocking on Sunrise, debating and criticising the notion of banning the iconic Australian word, and according to channel 7mate’s Sunrise host, Natalie Barr and her co-hosts feigning support, they suggested they rename the channel to ‘7 inclusive.’

Mateship, in Australia, was a backbone for those affectionately known as the Rats of Tobruk or the Diggers who fought alongside their mates to save democracy in the World Wars. The concept of inclusivity means mateship, friendship, and respect. Calling out a person for calling you ‘mate’ is itself antithetical to the concept that the word and concept ‘mateship’ invokes.

The background context to the oh-so-offensive word ‘mate’, conjured up by bureaucratic-bunglers, no less, who have sleepless nights over how to divide and conquer their peasants, stems from ‘unconscious bias and mindful inclusion.’ I guess, what they’re thinking is, if you call a female colleague ‘mate’ then you’re asking to breed with her???

The fact is, by banning the word ‘mate’ in Australia, the powers who ought-not-to-be, have established just another notch in their belt to divide us all. Any Australian worth their salt will not tolerate this assault. I for one, will not stop addressing my friends and colleagues as ‘mate’ if I care for them, and even my enemies will still be referred to in the Aussie-iconic tone as mate.

Now, just picture an Australian culture where ‘She’ll be right, mate’ and G’day, mate’ are outlawed, banned,  possibly even illegal with hefty fines.

Is that the country you want to visit or live in? Where friendship is considered a crime?

In essence, she will not be right, mate, if this madness continues. Not with this one.


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