The History of Cancer Treatment Will Terrify You

US cancer expert and surgical oncologist Professor Yuman Fong is engineering a treatment that has shrunk tumors in mice and killed all known cancers in a Petri dish. Professor Fong hopes researchers can translate the new CF33 successes into human treatment success.

Imugene, the biotechnology company that has discovered the ground-breaking CF33 is based in Western Australia and will target patients with bowel cancer, melanoma, lung cancer, bladder, colon and gastric cancer and those with triple-negative breast cancer in the next phase of the study. The human trials began in Australia and the United States in early 2020.

According to Australia’s 7 News, the treatment works by injecting the virus directly into the tumor where it infiltrates cancer cells and then explodes them. The new-generation treatment for cancer will allow patients to avoid chemo and radiation therapy that weaken the patient’s immune system.

However, the looming dark question remaining of Professor Fong’s success in curing all types of cancer without chemo and radiation therapy will be one of economics. The chemo and radiation industries are worth big bucks—$173 billion by 2020 to be precise.

Not too long ago, Dr Leonard Coldwell came forward as a whistleblower against the medical and pharmaceutical industry.


Dr Coldwell explains how John D Rockefeller, an oil magnate, prescribed the medical education still used today. Rockefeller ensured the chemicals his company produced were the only chemicals used as the basis of chemical intervention against all diseases, no matter what they were—and his intention was to rid the medical colleges of holistic medicine—practiced by over half the doctors at the time.

Doctors are trained to suppress symptoms with chemical intervention. They are never trained to “cure” anything. Dr Coldwell explains that the insides of a radiation therapy patient look like a burns victim and that scar tissue can never produce healthy cells again. Chemo patients are injected with chemicals that are based on mustard gas, a deadly weapon of mass destruction outlawed by the United Nations and human rights conventions.

“[Chemo] is the agent orange of the medical profession … that kills every bodily function … and for three years nothing works, good or bad … The tumor shrinks because it is dehydrated.”

This is not a three- or five-year remission, Dr Coldwell states. This is the body ceasing to function on all levels.

With the new medical breakthrough, let us not anticipate the success of Professor Fong’s human trials but the greed of the pharmaceutical corporations standing to lose their billions.


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