Governments Implement Predictive Analytics to Spy on Social Media Content, Preempting Social Unrest

Surveillance is forever evolving, despite Snowden’s actions and Assange’s warnings. It’s here and it’s here to stay while the corporations continue throwing their weight behind programs that governments insist on having to spy on their citizens. In the name of terrorism and national security, right? Predictive analytics are the rage. According to Lockheed Martin, if you…

George Orwell: The Man Behind 1984 and His Dire Warning to Us

George Orwell’s 1984. It’s the internationally acclaimed dystopian bestseller that some say depicts a prophetic view and a chilling warning to us all. Between the pages of ’84 are the dire consequences for man when propaganda is at its height; for when a government rules with an ironclad fist. War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery….

Surveillance Slips Into Totalitarianism…But Don’t Say You Weren’t Warned

It’s a page out of Orwell’s 1984. The increasing revelations about surveillance across the globe into our private lives is causing a divide in the Western states. Are the actions of the NSA in the United States, and the ASD in Australia creating an increasingly totalitarian environment? Are the Western states increasingly becoming paranoid with…

The Political Winds of Whistleblowing

Comparing the reactions of politicians over the latest intelligence community leak over General Michael Flynn’s phone call with a Russian diplomat, and with those reactions toward Snowden in 2013, it appears the Democrats have had a change of heart for whistleblowers.

Oliver Stone Invites Us to Review Our History

Rewind a few years ago, around this time, and Oliver Stone’s establishment haggling was just getting fired up again. His television series, The Untold History of the United States, coupled with the release of his (rather large) book in the same year, forced an audience to contemplate the “true history” of the United States’ international role….

Good or Bad, the Militarization of our Police has Arrived

The militarization of domestic law enforcement has been an ongoing topic of debate since the Snowdens and the Assanges of this world blew the lid on the government’s ability to spy on Citizen X. Now, The Intercept have claimed to have obtained a catalogue documenting several otherwise unknown devices used by federal departments to lock-in…