Orchestrating the Poverty Line so the Rich Get Richer

Why are you running out of money? Why do the rich get richer while you struggle?

The History of Cancer Treatment Will Terrify You

Rockefeller ensured the chemicals his company produced were the only chemicals used as the basis of chemical intervention against all diseases, no matter what they were—and his intention was to rid the medical colleges of holistic medicine.

Pesticides Blamed for Endangered Bee Population

The bee has finally reached the Endangered List. But what does this really mean for humanity? We won’t become endangered ourselves – yet – but a cataclysmic event does await our fate – and all because of our inaction.

A Rational Discussion: Childhood Immunisation and Should It be Mandatory?

(Written 28th May, 2018, Aral Bereux. Published 2020.) Mandatory childhood immunisation continually sparks debate in both developing and developed nations. In Australia, the active mandatory childhood immunisation campaign relies heavily on promoting the individual’s responsibility to society by adopting phrases like ‘herd immunity,’ to push for high rates of immunisation.[1] However, often the debate is…

Strange Blob of Hot Water in Pacific Ocean Kills One Million Seabirds

Climate change is rapidly marking the 21st century as an era of confronting transformation and may very well end the century with ‘new wars’ that include fighting for resources rather than territorial borders or combating terrorism. And we should be scared. Mounting evidence continues to show that man-made or not, climate change is our new…

An Ocean Full of Deserts: And They’re Expanding Rapidly

The world’s full of ocean deserts. The concept sounds odd, but biologists are discovering more every day as they study areas of ocean perceived as not “rich” with marine or sea life. Just like the deserts above land, these “biological deserts” are considered the lowest level in the ocean food web. The ocean deserts studied…