Orchestrating the Poverty Line so the Rich Get Richer

Why are you running out of money? Why do the rich get richer while you struggle?

A Rational Discussion: Childhood Immunisation and Should It be Mandatory?

(Written 28th May, 2018, Aral Bereux. Published 2020.) Mandatory childhood immunisation continually sparks debate in both developing and developed nations. In Australia, the active mandatory childhood immunisation campaign relies heavily on promoting the individual’s responsibility to society by adopting phrases like ‘herd immunity,’ to push for high rates of immunisation.[1] However, often the debate is…

George Orwell: The Man Behind 1984 and His Dire Warning to Us

George Orwell’s 1984. It’s the internationally acclaimed dystopian bestseller that some say depicts a prophetic view and a chilling warning to us all. Between the pages of ’84 are the dire consequences for man when propaganda is at its height; for when a government rules with an ironclad fist. War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery….

How COVID-19 Justified World Government Coercive Power

French philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau’s famous opening quote “Man is born free; and everywhere he is in chains” from the Social Contract alludes in part to the restrictions of man by the State. It’s a pertinent statement in a time of crisis. The world faces many uncertainties; financial strains and health burdens are moving into…

Wearing an Anonymous Mask Will Get You Arrested

A man in an Anonymous mask, who was sitting peacefully was harangued by police and arrested. All caught on camera, bystanders who recorded the event with a multitude of witnesses yelled out that he did nothing wrong or illegal. The incident took place in the House Gallery during the Maricopa County hearing regarding the suspected…