Orchestrating the Poverty Line so the Rich Get Richer

Why are you running out of money? Why do the rich get richer while you struggle?

Pesticides Blamed for Endangered Bee Population

The bee has finally reached the Endangered List. But what does this really mean for humanity? We won’t become endangered ourselves – yet – but a cataclysmic event does await our fate – and all because of our inaction.

Surveillance Slips Into Totalitarianism…But Don’t Say You Weren’t Warned

It’s a page out of Orwell’s 1984. The increasing revelations about surveillance across the globe into our private lives is causing a divide in the Western states. Are the actions of the NSA in the United States, and the ASD in Australia creating an increasingly totalitarian environment? Are the Western states increasingly becoming paranoid with…

Is a Dystopia Synonymous with Humanity?

Why Dystopian? It’s a question I’m inevitably asked when discussing my books and essays. My short answer is: Do I get a choice? Followed by my long answer: It’s what makes us human. The dystopian genre is a messy reflection of the good, bad and in-betweens of humanity in difficult situations. The dystopian society is an…

The Top 10 Dystopian Songs

  (By Aral Bereux) Some of the greatest hits of all time have been created with dystopian themes. Music, books and films — they strike a proverbial chord with audiences. From Prince to Good Charlotte, Imagine Dragons and Bright Eyes, here are but a few music hits to consider. Eve of Destruction, Barry McGuire. The…

A Beautiful Mess

The world of words is a scary place when laid on a platter for everyone to feast upon. Not only that, it’s unglamorous, lonely, and equates to a low level of pay for the rate of hours put in. Too much coffee is consumed, marriages end in divorce, and your kids end up in a strange…

6 Places to Visit Before They Disappear

Due to climate change and other devastations at play, some of the more beautiful locations are disappearing or their beauty is undeniably altered. Here is a top 6 list of locations you may want to see before they disappear or dramatically change forever.