The Top 5 Haunted Locations Around the World

Next time you’re traveling to Europe, Canada or Australia, consider the road less taken and stay in a haunted location

The Political Winds of Whistleblowing

Comparing the reactions of politicians over the latest intelligence community leak over General Michael Flynn’s phone call with a Russian diplomat, and with those reactions toward Snowden in 2013, it appears the Democrats have had a change of heart for whistleblowers.

The French Citizens Win Another Battle Against Police State Argument

The people of France have finally had a win. President François Hollande has renounced his decision to amend the constitution with a permanent State of Emergency and deprivation of nationality laws. “After the terrible attacks of 13 November, I addressed the Congress in Versailles and I presented to Parliament the decisions that I felt needed…

Pre-Crime Unit in China to be Established

Minority Report’s Pre-Crime is no longer a work of fiction. The Communist Party in China are working closely with state-run defence contractors, China Electronics Technology Group, to develop a software program that will collate citizens’ everyday behaviour and pre-determine terrorist acts before they occur. Data collated will include hobbies, jobs, consumption habits, unorthodox behaviour and…

The RFID Australian. Following in Big Brother’s Footsteps

RFID chips. We already have them in our credit cards, so the argument is: why not in our hands? Is it the mark of the beast, as some claim? Is this where Big Brother tightens his cold grasp? Or is this the way through the next phase of our technological era? Regardless, the RFID is…

“Us versus Them” and the Notion of Terrorism

The security of a state is fundamental to its nature, and how it interacts on a domestic and global front. If security is threatened, for example, from colonialism, or a foreign policy affecting territorial sovereignty; or on a domestic level, civil unrest (racism or religious disputes), then the state will likely react. They will attempt…

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