Writing Dystopia? Try These Writing Exercises First.

Before you commit yourself to thousands of words, see how you go with these tasks. They may seem simple, but I promise they’ll help with your insight.

10 Memorable Dystopian Quotes

Sometimes all you need are a few short sentences to summarise the current situation, or remind you of humanity’s fragility.

Facial Recognition Forces Kids to Pay Attention in Class

In Hangzhou, China, a high school has implemented facial recognition technology in the classroom. The system scans and stores the emotions of each student’s face every 30 seconds to determine if they are angry, fearful, confused, happy or upset. Hangzhou No. 11 High School categorizes these emotions to determine how the student is progressing. The…

Amazon’s Facial Recognition Technology Can Now Detect Fear in People

(CD) — Privacy advocates are responding with alarm to Amazon’s claim this week that the controversial cloud-based facial recognition system the company markets to law enforcement agencies can now detect “fear” in the people it targets. “Amazon is going to get someone killed by recklessly marketing this dangerous and invasive surveillance technology to governments,” warned Evan Greer, deputy director…