Turnbull Govt’s $18.5M for Citizen Surveillance with “The Capability” and “iOmniscient” Facial Recog. Technology

This is a whole other league of creepy, this is a whole other league of invasive and the fact that there’s been no discussion around this is really weird.

Pentagon’s Bizarre Plans for Urban Warfare

“This is the world of our future … It is one we are not prepared to effectively operate within and it is unavoidable. The threat is clear. Our direction remains to be defined. The future is urban.”

The French Citizens Win Another Battle Against Police State Argument

The people of France have finally had a win. President François Hollande has renounced his decision to amend the constitution with a permanent State of Emergency and deprivation of nationality laws. “After the terrible attacks of 13 November, I addressed the Congress in Versailles and I presented to Parliament the decisions that I felt needed…

Hashtag in Protest and Twitter may Monitor You

It’s a page out of Philip K. Dick’s Minority Report and perhaps slightly Orwellian. A new paper has been published on the patterns of protest and the likelihood of a person protesting via Twitter behaviour. The paper, by researchers Suhas Ranganath and Fred Morstatter, is part of a $750,000 grant funded by the Office of…

“Us versus Them” and the Notion of Terrorism

The security of a state is fundamental to its nature, and how it interacts on a domestic and global front. If security is threatened, for example, from colonialism, or a foreign policy affecting territorial sovereignty; or on a domestic level, civil unrest (racism or religious disputes), then the state will likely react. They will attempt…