The J Rae Chronicles, The Uninvited.

aral bereux

I started these books years ago, with it in mind that I would never publish them. However, since 2012, after deciding to introduce J Rae to the real world, my world changed dramatically. Never in my wildest dreams would I think the series would lead to not only a career in journalism and working as a paid writer, but my worldly perceptions changed, too.

Never in my wildest dreams would I think to witness some of the issues that J Rae fought. Never, when writing these books – or conjuring her up as a teen – did I think the world was such a truly dark place…

But other than the watchers and pret that lurk about in this book, unfortunately, the story is becoming just a little too real for my liking…but then, that’s just one opinion…isn’t it?

I’ve adapted the books for this site. Sometimes they’ll differ to those published, sometimes not. Each week will see a new installment published and bit by bit, for free, you can enjoy J Rae’s journey as those around the world have before you.


The Militia are a large organization who believe in the New World Order, and that the best way to serve the order is to depopulate it, either by cleansing or reprogramming camps. Those who are reprogrammable, will be – the rest, exterminated.

The Militia are traditionalists who support the notions of the Old Council, and are against any of those who are half-castes, with no ability. This is a world ruled by the watcher, the serpent of the preternatural world that has become the New Order.  They hold mystic abilities and strengths. They are a creature to be feared, but revered.

This is Julianna Rae’s story of the New World Order after it has taken hold in the United States of America. It was once a nice place to live, now it is not. This is an account of her personal struggle and the struggle in the throes of the Rebellion against the New World Order’s Militia, and her family who commands it, led by Taris Madison.

Her journey into the sectors is a brutal one, but one she must endure in order to discover herself and to survive. With her journey comes many characters and situations, most of which even the “nice” ones are prickly with dark personalities. It’s advisable to refer to the index when you can. Don’t worry, there are no spoilers.

On this note, it’s time to ride with J Rae into the darkness…hold on, strap yourself down, and prepare…

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