Whispers of Allegiance

How far will Caden Madison go to protect his apprentice?

The Watchers

Will they grant her the truth . . . before it’s too late?

Hollywood’s The Blob Offers Some Real Life Advice

For any diehard sci-fi horror film buff, particularly of the dated, cheesy kind, Steve McQueen’s The Blob is essential viewing. Recently, after reading about the latest Paris Zoological pet, an inexplicable “essentially immortal” brainless creature that can adapt through memories, I revisited this early film with a writer’s “what if” in mind. I couldn’t help…

Top Five Apocalyptic Travel Destinations

 By Guest Author Dyonte Worthing If you want to strengthen your Armageddon survival skills, consider a trip down doomsday lane. Explore these five post-apocalyptic vacation ideas reserved for only the most daring. But be sure to bring a thick skin and a sound mind. River Country, Florida, USA To see what it’s like when the…

The Top 10 Dystopian Songs

  (By Aral Bereux) Some of the greatest hits of all time have been created with dystopian themes. Music, books and films — they strike a proverbial chord with audiences. From Prince to Good Charlotte, Imagine Dragons and Bright Eyes, here are but a few music hits to consider. Eve of Destruction, Barry McGuire. The…