Ghost DNA Shows Human Ancestors Interbred With Unknown Mysterious Tribes

The “ghost” DNA, according to scientists, is confirmed to be from an unknown ancestor.

Scientists Baffled as Earth’s Magnetic North Pole is Moving Faster than Ever

If you’re scratching for the next dystopian plot twist to humanity’s fate, look no further than the Earth’s magnetic north pole shifting at unprecedented speeds. Experts are unsure why this is occurring, but some have hypothesized that the shift is part of an overdue fluctuation where the magnetic poles can flip. This event occurs every…

10 Memorable Dystopian Quotes

Sometimes all you need are a few short sentences to summarise the current situation, or remind you of humanity’s fragility.

How COVID-19 Justified World Government Coercive Power

French philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau’s famous opening quote “Man is born free; and everywhere he is in chains” from the Social Contract alludes in part to the restrictions of man by the State. It’s a pertinent statement in a time of crisis. The world faces many uncertainties; financial strains and health burdens are moving into…