Censorship Announced But Not Reported On In News

It’s been over two months since I’ve written a single word either for my employer or myself. Simply being, censorship has hit independent journalists hard. My employer can’t afford to employ me anymore and for my own website, I’m simply tired of putting out words to spoon feed people. Those who tune in here, present company excepted.

The weaponizing of the “fake news” agenda was the first blatant step in preventing us from questioning the official narrative.

Anything that contradicts the norm or the established narrative or Anyone who questions official narrative is now being buried alive, shut down and/or censored. Forget about the demonetizing of YouTube – unless it’s a clip on a person’s extenuating stupidity or how to shape your eyebrows – alternate content is now demonized as a form of media terrorism.

If you prefer your media choices to be made for you, read no further. If you prefer information hidden from you – even when you search for it – then read no further. If you dislike those who dare to ask the tough questions about established facts, then read no further. The following is for the endangered free thinker only…

George Orwell warned of this in 1984. Newspeak narrowed the language to the point, in the dystopian novel, where there’s no room for independent thought.


Consider this if you’re still not convinced:

Does Google have the right to prevent subscribers of channels and newsletters from receiving in their private email an alert of a new article or video posted?

Do those who control the internet have the right to dictate what you can and cannot search on the internet by burying content?

Are you comfortable with the notion of “factual” evidence being presented to you without the ability to then research alternate information to make your own judgment?

Are you comfortable with algorithms programmed by a few to dictate what information reaches you when you actively search for something?


No one wants to live in a world with restricted information. Whether the information is right, wrong, historically correct, alternate, conspiracy or questionable, we have a right to access it.

By taking away this right, Google, Facebook, and other social media giants are slapping you in the face and accusing you of being ignorant, incapable, obsolete, untrustworthy. They have penetrated your home and your mind, dictating to you your capabilities. They tell you your rights, they censor what you read and post and they have successfully dumbed you down if you’re okay with this.

Once upon a time intellects were forced to gather secretly in cafes to discuss their narrative – particularly in wartime. Intellects and conspiracy theorists alike moved their café to the world wide web where like attracted like to discuss their theories. And to what harm? Is free thought considered so dangerous now that we must be shut down blatantly?

If you honestly are not okay with this then shut down your Facebook account. Sever your ties with CNN and start purchasing the second hand books from the book store. Soon “alternate facts” contrary to the official government narrative will be very difficult to find.

The clips are a hundred by the dozen by indie journalists suffering censorship. See below for just one example of how Google has censored one person – at mark 1:25.

The question is: What are you going to do about it? You can do something, you know? It’s called thinking and active measures. It’s called voicing your opinion. It’s called not sitting on your ass and shrugging your shoulders after you read this, to then flick to the next Kardashian article.

Shut down those that oppose your rights. Keep posting your alternate facts. Keep reading and researching AND commenting on articles. Show your support and yell loudly that this is not okay!


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  1. Ah, good* to have you back, AB. (*meaning I’ve missed your words and thoughts.) Scary article. Stay safe, K?


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