Struggling as an Author? Success Depends on Marketing More than Words

By Aral Bereux Publishing in a world today, where the market is saturated by wannabes and talent, is growing increasingly difficult. Navigating your way around the industry has never been more difficult, contrary to all the self-help blogs out there. Instead, the contemporary publishing industry is a diverse environment of complex trade sector trends and…

10 Memorable Dystopian Quotes

Sometimes all you need are a few short sentences to summarise the current situation, or remind you of humanity’s fragility.

Pesticides Blamed for Endangered Bee Population

The bee has finally reached the Endangered List. But what does this really mean for humanity? We won’t become endangered ourselves – yet – but a cataclysmic event does await our fate – and all because of our inaction.

How Humans Will Look In 1,000 Years

Where will humans be in 1,000 years? What will we look like? These questions and more are examined by Tech Insider, taking into account our appearance a century ago and where we are currently standing now. Our height over the last 130 years has increased by an average of 3 inches. Once upon a time, the average…